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Maritime Industry Important To Boston’s Economy

Marketing brochures, real estate analysts, urban planners and developers are relentlessly touting to bankers and investors that Boston, its waterfront and in particular the greater South Boston neighborhood is the place to invest their money. Just … [Read More...]

City Point Residents Are Not Happy

When the zoning changes in South Boston were vetted and codified in December 2016 by the City of Boston through a series of public meetings led by Mark McGonagle, community liaison for the Boston Planning and Development Agency (BPDA), the … [Read More...]

Easter a Season of Hope

Ray Flynn While in Providence, on Saturday, I was talking to a group of residents about the hey day of that city's political history. I told them the story of how many Providence College students walked from the Catholic college to the downtown to … [Read More...]

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It’s All About Weight, Length & Volume for St Peter Academy K1 Students

                  Ms. Sawyer’s four year old K1 students have been learning about weight length and volume.  Three action stations were set up to deepen their understanding of these concepts. While working on the materials at each station, students were encouraged to use the academic language they have learned to describe the relationship between objects. (The scissors are heavier than the eraser, 7 cubes are the same length … [Read More...]

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12th Annual Marian Manor Classic Golf Tournament May 9th

It seems like it took forever to get here but Spring is well upon us finally. With the arrival of spring, golfers; both the fanatical and the casual fans thoughts turn to well, golf – of course. One of the most anticipated golf tournaments in the area is the annual Marian Manor Classic Golf Tournament which will be held this year on Tuesday, May 9th. This year will be the 12th annual event and the previous eleven were not only big and successful but they were sellouts. It will once again be … [Read More...]

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Best Sleepover Ever at St Peter Academy!

On March 23, 2017, the students of St. Peter Academy in grades 2-8 gathered in the main lobby of the school anxiously waiting to start the long awaited overnight field trip to the Museum of Science. As we arrived to the Museum of Science you could feel the energy rise as the students became even … [Read More...]

South Boston WWI Heroes To Be Honored April 29th

  As most know by now, it has been 100 years ago this month that the United States entered World War One. There are ceremonies ongoing nationwide marking the historical conflict that was at the time called the ‘War to end all wars’. And never to be out done by the rest of the country, South … [Read More...]


  State Representative Nick Collins plans to host a Park Serve day on Saturday April 29th at Farragut Park from 9am to 12pm. The annual event is sponsored in partnership with the Department of Conservation and Recreation.   Many groups have already signed up to participate, … [Read More...]

Church Mass and Services Schedule For Easter

  St. George Albanian Orthodox Cathedral: Holy Wednesday: 7pm, Holy Thursday: 10am, 7pm, Holy Friday: Open 10: am on – Service at 7pm. Holy Saturday: 9:30pm, Easter Sunday: 11am   South Baptist Church: Easter Sunday: 10:30am   Gate of Heaven Church: Good … [Read More...]