Fined For Not Shoveling? Sometimes Things Aren’t What They Seem

The story about 78-year-old Lorraine Walsh has gone far beyond the borders of South Boston. It made the news all over America and even in Canada. As most know, Lorraine, a South Bostonian was fined $200 for allegedly not properly shoveling her walk after the recent snow storms. People expressed anger that she received this […]

Space Savers: Has a Kinder/Gentler Attitude Set In?

Winter took a bit longer to get here this year, but as we all know now, it has arrived. Without losing a step, neighbors grabbed their shovels and ice choppers and dutifully went into action clearing their walks, steps and cars of the cold white stuff that covers everything and looks kind of nice right […]

The ‘Pats’ Redefine ‘Shock and Awe’

  “It’s not over till it’s over.” This is a saying that’s been around forever. But, after last Sunday’s Super Bowl, it has been revived, rejuvenated and repeated nonstop by countless New England Patriots fans of both the full time, die hard variety, and the newly converted. We’d be willing to bet that, whether we […]

The ‘Pats’ Again Earned Super Bowl Spot

  For more than half a century, the Super Bowl has been thrilling Americans like few events can do. The sheer size and spectacle of it all is impressive on a massive scale. That it is a sports event that is uniquely American can bring even more excitement to the tens of thousands of fans […]

In South Boston, Targeting Police Officers Is Not Tolerated

There was a stunned reaction to the report last Friday that an alleged attempt to destroy a Boston Police Cruiser using an incendiary device – a propane tank, took place within the borders of South Boston. The news was so surprising to most South Bostonians because this type of crime just doesn’t take place in […]

Our Inauguration Shows World How It’s Done

The United States Presidential Inauguration is a majestic event that celebrates the peaceful transition of power. It is something to be proud of and even cherished. It is also something that people in many nations around the world envy and only wish they could experience the same way that American citizens can do, every four […]

Editorial – Sometimes, Storms Bring Out The Best In People

  Having good neighbors is often like having an extended family with members of that family you can depend on. With the arrival of the year’s first plowable snow fall, it was apparent that here in South Boston, we have an abundance of neighbors, who are quick to jump in and lend assistance, if they […]

Editorial: Big Changes: Locally and Beyond

2017 and it’s a new world out there. It seems like most everything people thought was going to become the norm in America, whether we liked it or not, has been turned upside down and this has left many people in shock: some happily in shock and others – well, not so much. The political […]

Christmas is a Very Special Time of Year

There is no other time of the year that even comes close to Christmas. To children, the Christmas season is magical. It’s a time in their lives when memories are made that will live forever.  Even when we become adults, those Christmas memories, especially if they are caught in photos or video, will bring smiles […]

Editorial – The Russians Did It and The Dog Ate His Homework

  “There are political operatives in this country that play on the fears and suspicions of the American public for political gain. There’s nothing new about this.  It’s been going on for well over a hundred years. But since the November election, the side that lost has taken what is being called ‘Fake News’ to […]